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The Perfect On-The-Go Snack That’s Sending Protein Bars To The Curb

What you’ll find inside this bag: An on-the-go snack that’s satisfying on all levels.



How many on-the-go snack brands can you think of that are:

  • grain and gluten-free
  • easy to pop into your travel bag, purse or backpack
  • made from locally sourced, farm to table ingredients
  • have a delicious flavour and an undeniable crunch
  • AND contain simple ingredients that adhere to most dietary preferences?

To be honest, there are few and far on-the-go snack companies that have all of these features, and more, and a really amazing healthy snack can often be hard to come by.




One of the biggest issues we find with snack companies is that the perfect snack factor is usually missing.

When we say perfect, what we really mean is that your snack contains little to no sugar, is minimally processed, has simple ingredients, contains ingredients that you know exactly where they are coming from, is easy to pack and STILL tastes amazing.

In our humble (and healthy) opinion, this is truly the formula for the perfect snack!

And while there are a lot of snacking companies out there, rarely do any of them fit the bill.

Snacking smart and being prepared when that hunger monster kicks in is key to keeping up with your heathy habits and making sure you’re not reaching for those highly processed muffins, or incredibly tempting chocolate bars when you feel like you need a quick bite.

And not to mention, some of the snacks or quick ‘fill you up’ bars that are out there that are deemed healthy tend to be filled with additives, sugar, and ingredients that keep you guessing.

We totally get this, and that’s exactly where we come in!

Be prepared to get your hands on one of the ultimate ways to snack, from a pumpkin seed company that’s here to revolutionize your healthy on-the-go snack. Because Skuta’s roasted pumpkin seeds really make the perfect snack for all dietary preferences, activity levels, and even for kids!



That’s a great question isn’t it. Maybe babies?

But even that, if you were to make a pumpkin seed butter out of these pumpkin seeds, it would be an amazing way to get healthy fats, protein and fiber into an infant.

Just saying.

So, who isn’t this snack for? Basically, anyone with a pumpkin seed allergy, and fortunately for us, pumpkin seeds aren’t considered a highly allergenic food.

Our nutritious pumpkin seeds are Paleo, keto, low in carbs, high in protein, high in healthy fats, high in fiber, high in antioxidants and minerals, great for tiny hands, and perfect for athletes or anyone looking for a sustainable source of fuel.



We wanted to create a healthy on-the-go snack because we recognized there was a gap in the snack market. Simple, wholesome ingredient lists that are easy to read and you know exactly where they are coming from.

Our farm-to-table pumpkin seeds are grown here in Ontario, are non-GMO verified, and are lightly roasted and seasoned. But, the difference here is that our unique variety of pumpkin seeds becomes sweet to the taste, incredibly crunchy, crispy and full of flavour when they are dry roasted.

And our amazing roast master is working hard on incredibly unique flavours, like our Chili Maple Jango to bring you a simple snack that will please all taste buds and leave you wondering where they have been your whole life.

You can read more about how Skuta got started by clicking here.



If you’re looking to step up your on-the-go snack game, and adopt healthier habits, our snacking pumpkin seeds are the perfect healthy alternative to highly processed protein bars, chips, popcorn and other empty calorie treats that keep you feeling hungry, and keep it hard to hit that satisfaction point.


Swap This For That

Instead of a bowl of chips, why not try a quarter cup of our Chili Maple Jango flavour?

How about giving your minis a handful of pumpkin seeds instead of a muffin or boxed cookies?

Or instead of a sugary processed protein bar, why not try our Sea Salt pumpkin seeds mixed in with some dark chocolate chips?

We promise you will be satisfied.

Just check out what some of our happy customers are saying:


Love these – they are a perfect satisfying snack, and the fact that they are also very healthy is a bonus. I used to think of pumpkin seeds as hard to eat because of the shell but these have no shell, you just pop them in your mouth. They are just the right amount of crunchy, which makes them super addictive. My kids love these too, which I’m happy about because they are very picky eaters and I take any opportunity I can to feed them health food.” – Jennica


Here are some other ways you can use this delicious on-the-go snack option in your everyday life:

  • Bring them to the gym and eat them post-workout as a high protein snack option that helps build and repair muscle damage.
  • Pack them in your car and keep them in the glove compartment box, so when you’re running errands and start feeling peckish instead of a drive through, you hit up some pumpkin seeds.
  • Pack them up when you are going on long road trips as an easy hand-to-mouth healthy snack.
  • Keep them safe at your desk at work instead of convenience foods. They are the perfect texture and flavour to keep on you when you need a quick morning or afternoon snack at work.
  • Pour yourself a small bowl of pumpkin seeds when you are bingeing on your favourite Netflix show at night, they will help keep the cravings at bay.
  • Bring them to movies or when you are shopping as a healthy snack alternative to high fat popcorn, or the candy shops.
  • Serve them as muchies at parties, or with your favourite drink in place of pretzels, chips or other highly processed snacks.
  • Keep them in your beach bag, school bag, take them with you for walks or hikes.



There are so many ways you can take Skuta’s pumpkin seeds on-the-go with you. We’d love to see your favourite way to Skuta and don’t forget to tag us @skutapumpkin and use #snackskuta for a chance to be featured.

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