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5 Reasons Why Your New Favourite Whole Food Snack is Skuta

What you’ll find inside this bag: Are you wondering if Skuta pumpkin seeds are the right snacking choice for you? From easy snacking to whole food energy, here are 5 reasons why your new favourite whole food snack is Skuta.






  1. They’re easy to pack with you when you’re on-the-go


If you need a protein-rich snack when you’re hitting the gym, something to munch on during your trip home from work or even a healthy snack to feed your hungry kids, Skuta pumpkin seeds come in handy convenience packs that are the perfect travel size.

They’re great for those days that you need something quick, easy and ready to grab-and-go. They’re also the perfect bite-sized whole food snack that contains the right kind of nutrients to curb your hunger until your next big meal.


These pumpkin seeds are delicious! Perfect for snacking on the go or adding to salads or yogurt. Our little guys loves them too.”

– Sarah, Amazon Review


  1. They give you an energy burst and keep you feeling full


There’s nothing worse than a snack that was designed to keep you feeling hungry!

Snacks are supposed to minimize those hunger cues and help you make it to your next meal. However, when you reach for food that’s high in sugar, starchy carbs, or void of nutrients you end up with something that leaves you feeling hungry again just 30 minutes later.

Skuta contains 14g of protein, 5g of fiber, 7g of essential fatty acids and only 8g of carbs which provides you with the right kind of macronutrient balance to keep you feeling full without a sugary crash.


whole food snack

  1. They contain just the right amount of seasoning


Pumpkin seeds are, well, pumpkin seeds and when reaching for a snack you want grab something that also tastes amazing. Raw nuts are a nice healthy treat, but when it comes to taste and texture, they don’t really stand a chance against a chewy cookie or crunchy crackers.

Skuta is a unique variety of pumpkin seeds that are hulless and dry roasted to bring out a sweet and rich, nutty flavour topped with that crunch factor, making them a well-rounded whole food snack. All you need is a bit of sea salt and you really have a perfect treat that’s also incredibly satisfying. And for those who prefer seasoning on their nuts and seeds, the Chili Maple Jango is the perfect balance of salty and sweet. We promise you’ll be hooked.


Here’s what Skuta customers are saying:

So delicious we go through a bag at a time! My 2 year old is obsessed! Would recommend to anyone!” – Lmacdon

This was the best bag of roasted pumpkin seeds I have ever eaten.” – Jessica

Love this product. Best pumpkin seeds I have had.” – Maryann



  1. They contain the right kind of nutrients


Whether you’re grain-free, keto, paleo, sugar-free, a kid, a healthy eater, into fitness, or just looking to make healthier choices, Skuta pumpkin seeds contain the right kind of nutrients to fit any lifestyle.

They contain healthy fats, which are great for brain health and keto diets, protein which provides energy and helps with muscle repair, and are low in carbs and sugar, making them a great snack to help you get and stay full for a long time. Not only do they contain these 3 major nutrients, but they are loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and are a great option for any dietary restrictions.


whole food snack

  1. They are locally sourced


Our farmer, Jacob, had an idea to bring a special variety of pumpkin seeds to Ontario, Canada. He then grew these seeds and came up with the perfect formula for a crunchy, crispy, tasty whole food snack that keeps you coming back for more.

But one thing was for sure, these pumpkins had to be sourced from Ontario! With enough pumpkin seeds sourced from overseas, Skuta believes it’s important to stay true to Canadian roots and provide you with seeds that are home grown in your backyard.

Read the full story on how Skuta came to be here.



There are so many ways you can take Skuta’s pumpkin seeds on-the-go with you. We’d love to see your favourite way to Skuta and don’t forget to tag us @skutapumpkin and use #snackskuta for a chance to be featured.

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